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Skydio 2 Waterproof Hard Carry Case $ 149.99. Skyreat Action 2 Carrying Protective Case $ 17.99. Skyreat 1.14 ft / 35 cm USB C to iOS Phone Cable Cord,Right Size Angle for DJI Mini 2 / Mavic Air 2 Remote $ 11.99. Summary: Ultimately - the Skydio R2 is easily the best sports-focused drone out there. There's not really any question there.

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The Skydio 2 has always been priced very reasonably. At $999 US for the basic kit, you get a drone with superior obstacle avoidance and tracking capabilities. In fact, it’s so good at this stuff that it’s actually very difficult to crash, because its vision-based system sees the world around it in full 360°. Plus, with additional software.

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Skydio 2. $999.00.Skydio 2 is the follow up to the impressive Skydio R1, a powerful drone with unheard of autonomy for its time. The power of both Skydio drones is in the Nvidia Jetson on-board computer and an array of obstacle avoidance sensors. The Skydio 2 uses six cameras, with a total of 48MP of resolution, for obstacle avoidance purposes. Of course, the Skydio 2.

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Skydio Care Enterprise complements the Skydio X2 Enterprise hardware warranty with an extra layer of protection that covers your drone from damage resulting from collisions and water damage, providing greater peace of mind for your professional-grade operations. Learn More Starting at $12,998 per system.

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