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This game is a mix up of two party games: Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle. Alexa spins an imaginary bottle and will tell you who it lands on. From there, the play must choose truth or dare.

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Guess The Gibberish Challenge Algorithm. With the slight modification to the Soundex algorithm, we are in a position to complete the "Guess the Gibberish Challenge" algorithm. The steps will be. Step 1: Given the sentence, take one word at a time, generate 8-bit encoding using the modified sounded algorithm above. For eg. the word 'under.

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Sticker Shock. This game will require some sticky labels. Everyone sticks a label on their forehead with a mystery word on it. The goal is to get everyone to say their mystery word before the party ends. Alternatively, if you get someone to say their mystery word, you take their label. The person who collects the most labels wins..

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For example, let's say the word is apple. That would be displayed to the user as "Word: *****". If I were to guess the letter 'p', it would then be displayed as "Word: *pp**". I am unsure how to even begin the guessing portion of the game. I wanted to come here for a few ideas before going to my instructor.

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Some kids are still being taught, though, as evidenced by the questions asked in this contest of guessing the spelling of a word (which is harder than guessing the pronunciation from the spelling). Here's an excellent article by an expert on dyslexia, about the true complexity of English spelling and what's involved in learning it.

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