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Famous movie trivia questions

"To infinity and beyond!" "You talkin' to me?" " Nobody puts Baby in a corner " " You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off " " Houston we have a problem " "Just keep swimming." " You're gonna need a bigger boat " " My precious " "Elementary, my dear Watson." "Jack, I Want You To Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls." "E.T. phone home".

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Welcome to our free Love Song Quiz with 27 romantic trivia questions and answers and thereby our Valentine´s Day Quiz with famous Love Songs. The Love Songs music can be played with your Spotify account - just click right here for the playlist. This Love Song Trivia Quiz is for free - Celebrate love with us! Click here for the answers to the love song quiz.

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The geeks will be so ready for these Marvel trivia questions! You can only say you're a Marvel expert if you can answer these trivia questions. Answer these Marvel trivia questions to show the true Marvel lover inside of you. Even if you're not a big Marvel fan, you'll enjoy learning more about one of the most famous comic and movie universes. Get your friends and new people to bond together.

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Others agree that it has more to do with some part of the movie we can personally identify with, making the moment — and thus, the quote — more memorable. And, then, of course, there are just classic quotes that cannot be forgotten: "There's no place like home," "May the force be with you," "Here's looking at you, kid," and more modern ones.

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Apr 26, 2019 · Bollywood Movie Quiz Questions and Answers. 1. Initially named High Jump, this movie is inspired by the biography of Akira Kurosawa – the famous Japanese filmmaker. What is it? A. Luck By Chance. B. 3 Idiots. C. Taare Zameen Par. Click to see the correct answer. 2..

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