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Chatbots are more friendly and attractive to users than, for example, the static content search in frequently asked questions (FAQs) lists. ... This question, named Turing test, is considered by many to be the generative idea of chatbots (Turing, 1950). The first chatbot with ELIZA name was constructed in 1966.

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Quiz Templates & Examples. Interactive quizzes are a fantastic way to build engagement, further brand reach, collect leads, and sell more products. They can organically put your brand in front of new audiences and support content marketing strategies. Take a browse through some great online quiz examples and interactive quiz > templates.

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Chatbots are powered by pre-programmed responses, artificial intelligence, or both. Based on the applied mechanism, a chatbot processes a user’s question to deliver a matching answer. There are two main types of chatbots, and those types also tell us how they communicate. They are rule-based chatbots and AI chatbots. Rule-based chatbots.

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